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Flat Tire Solutions

Good Flat Prevention

Thorn resistant tubes and sealant, at only $19.99 per wheel or $39.99 per bike installed.  That's a tube that's 4 times thicker than a regular tube plus we put a fibery sealant inside the tube and the air pressure in the tube forces the fibers in the sealant into any holes.  PRESTO NO Flats!! 


Great Flat Prevention

Mr. Tuffy Tire Liners

Add an extra layer of protection to the thorn resistant tubes & sealant with Mr. Tuffy Tire Liners, a thick plastic tire liner.  This liner goes between the tube and tire and stops those pesky sand burs and goat heads from puncturing your tires. Now your flat protection is GREAT!

Guaranteed Flat Prevension

Specialized Armadillo tires are the answer to the desert southwest and its sticker infested enviroment.  Add Armadillos to the thorn resistant tubes & sealant and you're GUARANTEED 2 years of flat free riding. Armadillos tires come in all sizes, 20", 26" & 29" knobby and 26" slick, 700/23c to 700/38c.  Great selection, great guarantee. Always in stock.



Presta Valve Solutions

Have presta valve tubes?  Use Specialized AIRlock tubes.  These tubes have the sealant put in at the factory and will seal all small holes cause by stickers and thorns.  These tubes come in standard thickness and also in a thorn resistant mountain size.  Also consider liners and/or Armadillo tires in a wide range of  road (700c) and off road (26"&29"&700c) sizes.  Use one, some or all of the above - Great flat prevension!!