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Alligator Shimano Reservoir Bleed Fitting
- Replaces original Shimano bleed fitting with easy to use lever reservoir bleed fitting
Alligator Quick Bleed
- Internal valve prevents air from being drawn into the system - Includes one Quick Bleed valve and 2 sections of bleed tubing
Alligator Universal Disc Brake Bleed Kit
- Features bleed fittings for Hope, Magura, Avid, Hayes, Formula and Gatorbrake - Includes bleed tubes, syringes, gloves, and handy carrying case - See BTI part number AX-9617 for Shimano bleed fitting
Alligator Big Jaw Crimper
- Shop grade tool crimps cable end caps and 4/5/6mm housing ferrules
Alligator Anchor Hose Cutter
- Cleanly cuts hydraulic tubing while supporting the tube to prevent deformation - Includes replaceable blade - Not recommended for cutting stainless mesh hose
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