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IZIP Electric Bikes E3 Vibe 9.6 Lithium Battery

IZIP Electric Bikes E3 Vibe 9.6 Lithium Battery
IZIP Electric bike E3 Vibe 9.6 Lithium Battery
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The new E3Vibe is the perfect choice for those who want to get back on a bike and enjoy low stress riding experiences. It's designed for recreational riders with a comfortable rider position which takes all the pressure off your arms, shoulders and derriere. By simply twisting the throttle, it pulls you up hills effortlessly. You'll love how it's upright riding position and power ensure comfortable riding while watching all the miles slip by almost before you notice! Simply put, the E3Vibe delivers, "all the pleasure of cycling, with none of the pain".

The E3Vibe is equipped with a powerful Currie Electro-Drive® system that provides plenty of torque to pull you up a long hill or through a headwind. It comes with a K2 LiFe RMB upgrade battery pack 9.6Ah that can easily be removed for charging or swapping, the E3Vibe can travel 12-17 miles (throttle only, no pedaling) or about 23-30 miles with rider pedaling, at speeds of 15+ mph. You can easily double that range by adding an optional second battery pack in the slot provided on the rear rack. If you want to ride a bike and want to do so comfortably, just ride the E3Vibe!