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Optimus Crux Stove Folding

Optimus Crux Stove Folding
Optimus Crux Stove Folding
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Optimus Crux Stove

The ridiculously tiny Optimus Crux Stove folds up to fit under a 220g butane canister and weighs only 3.3oz. When you need to go ultralight on your backcountry travels, this stove definitely needs to be with you. The Cruz Stove burns for 60 minutes going full blast with a 220g canister, and it boils a liter of water in only 3 minutes. When you decided to bring a tarp instead of a tent and pull the frame from your pack to save weight, you better have this Optimus stove on the gear list.

Bottom Line:
Stoves just keep getting lighter and smaller, and Optimus is at the head of the pack with the 3.3oz Crux Stove.